A home flood in Florida is a problem that often spawns dozens more. Fortunately, Lakeland storm damage service, Florida water damage professionals can stop that from happening. That is why flooded local homeowners immediately contact a Lakeland flood damage service like Servpro. These specialists respond 24/7 to minimize damage, protect clients and dry homes. They also find and remove mold and restore homes to their original conditions.


Emergency Response Prevents Future Problems

Water damage professionals provide 24/7 help because they know that floods can begin to cause permanent and lasting damage within a few hours. Because they specialize in disaster restoration in Lakeland technicians can quickly assess flooding caused by storms, plumbing and fires. They protect clients from structural and hidden dangers, such as electrical shorts. Experts test water and detect bacteria or sewage. They can also detect toxic fumes and smoke. They have the equipment and training to safely remove objects, to minimize damage. In most cases household belongings are stored safely in facilities until experts can clean or repair them.

Experts Offer Complete Drying and Cleaning

Professionals are able to remove hundreds of gallons of water very quickly. They often use truck-mounted equipment to get most water out and shop vacs or other devices to damp dry homes. They have devices that can find and remove even hidden water. Most companies also monitor moisture levels, which lets them know when homes are dry to the core. They bring in specialty cleaning teams with the tools and experience to remove tough stains like soot and water marks. Technicians include carpet cleaning in Lakeland cleanup projects. Professionals sanitize houses with antimicrobial agents. They use fogging devices and air scrubbers to remove odors.

Specialists Find and Remove Mold

Mold is one of the most destructive problems associated with water damage and often the hardest for homeowners to find. However, professionals use advanced methods to locate mold sources and then remove all traces of the fungus. For example, a flood damage company that is also a Lakeland carpet cleaning service easily finds and destroys early signs of mold in flooring. Although they may toss padding, these experts can restore most water damaged carpets to like-new condition. They also search attics, basements and even crawl spaces for signs of the fungus. Technicians use industry-approved techniques to isolate mold and then eliminate it. They generally clean HVAC vents, to get rid of any spores or contaminants that could pollute indoor air.

Water Damage Professionals Restore Homes

The ultimate goal of flood damage experts is to restore homes to the condition they were in before disasters happened. They usually bill directly to insurance companies and have the resources to take on major restoration projects. Technicians are prepared for anything from replacing a small area to completely rebuilding all or most of a home.

Lakeland, Florida homeowners generally call water damage experts for help after flooding. These professionals offer fast response designed to protect clients and minimize damages. They quickly extract water, clean and dry homes and restore property to its pre-disaster condition.